Sunday - April 22, 2018
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This device helps you deal with the unique nature of human dynamics and individual ideology. When you take advantage and apply our Knowledge for a brighter future, we can help you identify and organize your inner skills, talents and core strengths!

Patterns of Personality are very dynamic and opposites are an essence of human nature; it is the nature of two states or parts that are complementary or even opposed to each other. From the obvious to the obscure, from the brain to the body, from the dominant to the submissive, from the extravert to the introvert, from being patient to being urgent, from conforming to rebelling, opposites are a part of our existence. The decision making process relates to the logic used in an individuals approach to making decisions. This is either feeling oriented (subjective) or fact oriented (objective). Horsepower relates to how much inner drive the individual has. This devise embraces this truth as it reveals patterns to Unleash   the   Power   from  Within.

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Improving Team Dynamics is one of the continuing problems one faces in attempting to increase the effectiveness and productivity of a group. The group leadership is a set of functional levels to operate effectively. Group leadership functions must be preformed at both the task and maintenance levels.

Finding Quality Employees are goals for any successful business operation. The Fortune 500 Businesses go out specifically looking for the highly motivated, self-directed employees who can see the big picture. The "I Can" and "I Will" succeed type employee display their character traits of integrity 24/7. This enthusiasm works to build stronger communication skills, and problem solving skills that generates a "Win-Win" attitude in the work place. Setting and accomplishing personal and business related goals become contagious with the entire team dynamics.

Our Job Fit Analysis is needed when reviewing candidates to fill a position. You may find yourself presented with several apparently well qualified applicants. How do you choose? Who will fit the job? Who will perform the best? Who will stay on? When faced with these questions, many are forced to go with their gut instinct, which, in the end, is based on emotions. There must and is a better way.

Dealing with Troubled Teens Our misinformed global community has tested this generation known as Millennial far greater than any other. They are the generation that has known only cell phones, satellite television, instant communication and information. They are a generation that has not gone without. Mass media has created wants and desires that are unrealistic. It's the notion that one needs to be "everything to everyone" in order to be happy. The traditional way to deal with troubled teens are to set limits, have them conform to the rules so they are obedient to the laws that govern them. The traditional way needs teens to be consistent and understand consequences of their actions with effective deterrents to keep them in check. Is the traditional method working for all?

Valuing Important Relationships If parents knew their teen, what motivates them and what has caused to rebel, would this not be important? A change in their behavior is needed to persuade and put them in a position to succeed, would this not be very important? Teens need to feel connected, have confidence and real autonomy. Their inner role conflict between their parents and their peer group becomes paradoxical, otherwise known as a no win situation.

Discovering your Basic Natural Self This device will help you connect with the unique nature of human dynamics.